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Electronic Resource Preservation and Access Network (ERPANET) (2003) ErpaStudies - Telecommunications.

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With the research described in this report, ERPANET sets out to identify the current state of digital preservation in the respective sector from a variety of perspectives. The topics explored include objective relevance and subjective awareness of digital preservation, cooperation, current practice, costs, and audit.

The main driving forces for the preservation of digital data are legal and business requirements. For telecommunication firms it is obvious that these requirements need to be met at all costs, and the importance of digital preservation is therefore widely recognised, with policies and strategies developed and implemented throughout the organisations. The business software solutions already in use play an important role for preservation, but are supplemented by additional software packages. However, as legal stipulations generally do not require the telecommunication firms to keep their data for more than ten years, there is smaller interest in preserving digital information for the long term. Still, efforts for long-term digital preservation are being undertaken as well. Although the problems encountered by telecommunication companies are similar, the study did not reveal any common effort across the sector to tackle the issues.

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Keywords:telecommunications, Electronic Preservation and Access Network (ERPANET), case study, digital preservation, policies, cooperation, current practice, costs, audit
Subjects:A General Resources: AA General Resources
H International: HD Institutional Projects
B Digital Preservation Concerns: BA Archiving
C Strategies and Procedures: CA Policies and policy development
B Digital Preservation Concerns: BD Costs
B Digital Preservation Concerns: BE Roles and responsibilities
B Digital Preservation Concerns: BF Selection
B Digital Preservation Concerns: BG Storage
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Deposited On:29 August 2003
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