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Long-Term Preservation of Digital Records, Part II: A Technical Solution

Gladney, Dr. H.M. (2008) Long-Term Preservation of Digital Records, Part II: A Technical Solution .

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Part I of this review suggests that the proper entities for archival attention are patterns inherent in transmitted and stored messages. Most digital archival repository technology—what private sector enterprises call Content Management (CM) technology—has been thoroughly understood and widely deployed for more than a decade. This technology is not adequate for long-term digital preservation because it includes no mechanisms for reliably assuring authenticity and intelligibility of digital documents for 50 years or longer. CM provides for near-term preservation without handling long-term preservation, which must overcome risks associated with technological obsolescence and fading human memory. We show how to mitigate these risks. Implementing software would be a small addition to widely deployed CM offerings. We recall the essential core of archival principles analyzed by other authors. We then sketch how our long-term preservation solution, devised for preserving cultural and scholarly digital documents, can be implemented to conform to these archivists' principles for business records. It sketches our Trustworthy Digital Object architecture and its design core sufficiently to show how archivists can participate in managing digital repositories that conform and are attuned to the particular needs of any archival institution. It omits technical details of little interest to records custodians.

Item Type:Preprint
Keywords:Long-term digital preservation emulation signature authenticity
Subjects:B Digital Preservation Concerns > BH Technological obsolescence
B Digital Preservation Concerns > BC Authenticity and Integrity
B Digital Preservation Concerns > BE Roles and responsibilities
Document Language:English
ID Code:153
Deposited By:Gladney, Dr. H.M.
Deposited On:10 October 2008