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How to keep digital records understandable and usable through time?

Hofman, Hans (Johannes) (2001) How to keep digital records understandable and usable through time?. In Proceedings Long-Term Preservation of Electronic Records, Paris, France.

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Francis Bacon said in the early 17th century that “The images of men’s wit and knowledge remaine in bookes exempt from the wrong of time and capable of perpetuall renovation”. That may have been true for the invention of book-printing, but the question now is whether this also will be true for digital objects or information when looking at the IT-revolution that is taking place at this moment?
The volatility of digital information raises many concerns, especially on its sustainability. And it poses major questions about the preservation of the information we create in digital form and more in particular of our intellectual capital.

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Keywords:digital preservation overview; metadata; authenticity
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