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Hofman, Hans (Johannes) (2002) A global issue: preservation of digital objects. In Proceedings International Conference on Conservation and Digital Preservation of Archives and Records, pages pp. 59-76, Seoul, Korea.

Hofman, Hans (Johannes) (2002) Can Bits and Bytes be Authentic? Preserving the Authenticity of Digital Objects . In Proceedings annual IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) conference, Glasgow, Scotland.

Hofman, Hans (Johannes) (2002) Some comments to the OCLC/RLG report 'Preservation Metadata and the OAIS model'. Digicult.Info(Issue2):pp. 15-20.

Hofman, Hans (Johannes) (2001) How to keep digital records understandable and usable through time?. In Proceedings Long-Term Preservation of Electronic Records, Paris, France.

Hofman, Hans (Johannes) (2002) An Expanding Universe. Metadata and Accessibility of Digital Information. In Proceedings 3rd DLM-Forum: ‘@ccess and preservation of electronic information: best practices and solutions’, Barcelona, Spain.