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ERPAePRINTS Service Policy

  • The ERPAePRINTS Service is offered as a free service to researchers involved in digital preservation. Its aim is to preserve and encourage the exchange of research in digital preservation.
  • Submissions to the ERPAePRINTS Service are not refereed and the sponsors do not assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or material posted. The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and not the ERPAePRINTS Service.
  • All documents made available from this server may be protected under United Kingdom and other foreign copyright laws, and may not be reproduced without permission.
  • The ERPAePRINTS Service takes the act of posting a paper as a warranty by the depositor that it does not contain libelous or defamatory material. The ERPAePRINTS Service assumes that the person posting the paper owns the copyright to it, and that they grant permission to users of the ERPAePRINTS Service to make a copy for their private use.
  • Preprints posted on the ERPAePRINTS Service are restricted to those regarding digital preservation or issues that concern digital preservation.
  • The ERPAePRINTS Service reserves the right to refuse to post papers considered to be outside the boundaries of digital preservation. Due to the volume of material posted, the ERPAePRINTS Service cannot correspond with depositors regarding submissions that have been refused.
  • The archive accepts papers in any language. However, it is recommended that titles and abstracts be in English.

Please allow five days between depositing your work and the time at which we will make it accessible from the Archive.