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Year: 2002

Number of items: 6.

Hofman, Hans (Johannes) (2002) A global issue: preservation of digital objects. In Proceedings International Conference on Conservation and Digital Preservation of Archives and Records, pages pp. 59-76, Seoul, Korea.

Hofman, Hans (Johannes) (2002) An Expanding Universe. Metadata and Accessibility of Digital Information. In Proceedings 3rd DLM-Forum: ‘@ccess and preservation of electronic information: best practices and solutions’, Barcelona, Spain.

Hofman, Hans (Johannes) (2002) Can Bits and Bytes be Authentic? Preserving the Authenticity of Digital Objects . In Proceedings annual IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) conference, Glasgow, Scotland.

Ross, S. and Sharp, R. and McKinney, P. and Gow, A. and Economou, M. and Duffy, C. and Anderson, I. and The, NINCH Working Group on Best Practices (2002) Guide to Good Practice in the Digital Representation and Management of Cultural Heritage Materials .

Hofman, Hans (Johannes) (2002) Some comments to the OCLC/RLG report 'Preservation Metadata and the OAIS model'. Digicult.Info(Issue2):pp. 15-20.

Electronic Resource Preservation and Access Network (ERPANET) (2002) Urbino Workshop: XML FOR DIGITAL PRESERVATION.

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