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Year: 2004

Number of items: 7.

Giuli, T.J. and Maniatis, Petros and Rosenthal, David S. H. and Roussopoulos, Mema and Barker, Mary (2004) Attrition Defenses for a Peer-to-Peer Digital Preservation System.

Gladney, Dr. H.M. (2004) Preserving Digital Records: A Method Guided by Scientific Philosophy.

Gladney, Dr. H.M. (2004) Principles for Digital Preservation.

Heuscher, Stephan and Jaermann, Stephan and Keller-Marxer, Peter and Moehle, Frank (2004) Providing Authentic Long-term Archival Access to Complex Relational Data. Submitted to: European Space Agency Symposium “Ensuring Long-Term Preservation and Adding Value to Scientific and Technical Data”, 5 - 7 October 2004, Frascati, Italy. Preprint, accepted for publication in conference proceedings..

Ross, Seamus (2004) Reflections on the Impact of the Lund Principles on European Approaches to Digitisation. Strategies for a European Area of Digital Cultural Resources: Towards a Continuum of Digital Heritage, Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Ross, Seamus (2004) The Role of ERPANET in Supporting Digital Curation and Preservation in Europe. D-Lib Magazine 10(7/8).

Gladney, H.M. (2004) Trustworthy 100-Year Digital Objects: Durable Encoding for When It's Too Late to Ask . Technical Report, HMG Consulting, HMG Consulting.

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