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Year: 2005

Number of items: 9.

Rusbridge, Mr Chris and McHugh, Mr Andrew (2005) An Introduction to the Digital Curation Centre.

Ross, Seamus and McHugh, Mr Andrew (2005) Audit and Certification of Digital Repositories: Creating a Mandate for the Digital Curation Centre (DCC). RLG DigiNEWS 9(5).

McHugh, Mr Andrew Digital Curation Centre (2005) Open Source for Digital Curation.

Ross, S. and Hedstrom, M. (2005) Preservation Research and Sustainable Digital Libraries.

Gladney, Dr. H.M. (2005) Preserving Dynamic Digital Records, in Was to have appeared in a DDC on-line book.

Gladney, Dr. H.M. (2005) Preserving Dynamic Digital Resources, in Not yet published.

Waelde, Dr Charlotte and McGinley, Ms Mags (2005) Public Domain; Public Interest; Public Funding: focussing on the 'three Ps' in scientific research. SCRIPT-ed A Journal of Law and Technology 2(1).

Giaretta, Dr David and Patel, Dr Manjula and Rusbridge, Mr Adam and Rankin, Dr Stephen and McIllwrath, Mr Brian (2005) Supporting e-Research Using Representation Information. In Proceedings All Hands Meeting, Nottingham.

Rusbridge, Mr Chris and Burnhill, Mr Peter and Ross, Seamus and Buneman, Professor Peter and Giaretta, Dr David and Lyon, Dr Liz and Atkinson, Professor Malcolm Digital Curation Centre (2005) The Digital Curation Centre: A Vision for Digital Curation. In Proceedings From Local to Global: Data Interoperability--Challenges and Technologies, pages pp. 1-11, Forte Village Resort, Sardinia, Italy.

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